There’s a lot of stunning destination and abundance place in our country, but yet we didn’t appreciate the half of it. We as a Filipino we know that this country has a lot of beautiful places that need to discover. The country with abundance place are rich in heritage, colorful festivities, culture/tradition, and the well-known hospitality. Those characteristics are absolutely found in my homeland which is the Philippines. This blog remind me as a student that we need to preserve and serve our nature to save the beauty of this country, wherein we need to be proud and kindly present this, and share to the others.


Like what I always said in my perspective in life no matter how hard it might be always love what you are doing. Because I believe that there is no permanent in this country so always do our best to conquer everything. As a senior high student I am looking forward on what am I to be in 10 years from now and it is clear to me now that I want to be a travel agent wherein I can promote our beautiful places in the other country for example in BATANES. This place is memorable in me because in this place, I and my family share a wonderful vacation on this place. BATANES are one of the region in the northern Luzon. It compose of batan, Sabtang, Itbayat and other small pulo. This place are different in terms of culture and nature that only found on that place. Specially when you are in a travel there’s a lot of food that you may encounter, so no matter what it taste and even you are not familiar with that, you need to try it to see that your vacation is worth it. Like the Uvud balls, Seaweed soup, Escargot with beef strips this three recipe is quite interesting in the first place and when you taste it, it taste yummy for me, but for you I don’t know so better to go there to find out if those food are yummy too. So what are you waiting for? go to BATANES because batanes is everyting, BATAngenio in the philllipiNES! Come and see.

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